Speller Leader Board for CS50x 2015

Testing Criteria.

Some rules to make it to the Leader Board:
The test is run on all 33 .txt files in /home/cs50/pset5/texts/.

The test is run a minimum of ten times, the fastest total time is used on the board.

The test is run on a HP ProBook 4440s with a Intel Celeron CPU B840 @ 1.90GHZ using Linux Mint 16 64bit as the OS with 4GB of ram.  The 32 bit libs are installed in Linux OS so the tests can be run outside the "CS50 Appliance".  All tests are run with the same configuration.  This configuration has been preserved so that data from 2015 will have realistic comparisons to 2014 results.

See these pages and the automation source code on GitHub

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